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Resources for Printable Graphic Organizers

General (Fiction) Story Writing 

Storyboard templates 

Strategies for Reading Comprehension from Strategies for Social Studies  
Printable reading comprehension organizers and instructions on how to utilize them.


History Frame Templates
A graphic organizer which students can use when reading about major events in history. 


Free Graphic Organizer Worksheets from  


Math Graphic Organizers (download 8 for free or sign up for a free trial)  


Graphic Organizers from  
Below are a variety of graphic organizers to help your students communicate their comprehension of These files are in PDF format. 

Basic Story Map
Students indicate facts about the beginning, middle and end of the text they are reading.

Cause and Effect
Three sections for students to note cause and effect events from their reading.

Character Connections
A Venn diagram that allows students to compare themselves to a character.

Character Grid
Students record ideas about two characters from the text they are reading.

Character ID  
Students design an identification badge for a character in their story.

Concept Map  
Have students complete a concept map with you as you prepare for a unit of study.

Questioning Tower  
Utilize the questioning strategy before, during and after reading.

Super Six  
Students select and write about 6 topics of interest from their non-fiction reading.

Character Web
Students have 4 sections to record their ideas about a character from the text.

Just the Facts
Students record 6 facts they have learned and the most important fact from reading.

KWL Chart
Activate prior knowledge and determine what has been learned with this handy chart.

Making Connections
Students record text to self, text to text and text to world connections.

Photo Scrapbook
Students illustrate 6 things they have learned from their reading in scrapbook format.

Plot Graph
Students record plot elements in a graphical format.

Story Map
Organized boxes allow students to record characters, setting, problem, etc.

Thumbs Up Down
Students record 2 things they enjoyed and didn't enjoy about their reading.



Graphic Organizers from Scholastic  
The following organizers can be used with any book and across all grade levels. Use them to assess your students understanding of what they are reading, observe their thinking process on what you read as a class, as a group, or independently. 


Thinking Skills and Reasoning Organizers - Iowa Area Education Agency 267  

Graphic Organizers for Content Instruction from an ESL specialist  


A Collection of Graphic Organizers from EduPlace/ Houghton Mifflin 
Go to the link above or click on the direct link below for the following organizers:  


A Collection of Graphic Organizers in PDF format, ready to print, can be found at

Go to the link above to see small pictures of each, or click a direct ink below: 

main idea mountain (PDF)


make a coat of arms (PDF)


draw and write (PDF)

topic 4 supporting/8 sub (PDF)


topic 3 ideas details (PDF)


topic 3 ideas (PDF)

topic 4 ideas (PDF)


topic 6 ideas (PDF)


topic 8 ideas (PDF)

Know/What/Find Out/Learned


cloud 3 drops (PDF)


mouth with 4-6 teeth (PDF)

hand organizer (blank) (PDF)


topic flower 5 petals (PDF)


six photos (PDF)

Graphs and Charts Graphic Organizers

pie chart (8 divisions) (PDF)

pie chart (10 divisions) (PDF)

graph 10x10 (PDF)

characteristics 2 by 4 (PDF)

characteristics 3 by 4 (PDF)

fact or opinion (PDF)

prediction/outcome (PDF)

survey/pictograph (PDF)

bar chart 10 (PDF)

bar chart 10 no numbers (PDF)

bar chart 20 (PDF)


Sequencing Graphic Organizers

cycle 3 parts (PDF)


cycle 4 parts (PDF)


cycle 5 parts (PDF)

cycle 6 parts (PDF)


timeline (PDF)


characters, problem, solution

1 cause/1 effect (PDF)


1 cause/3 effects (PDF)


2 causes/1 effect (PDF)

goal mountain (PDF)


beginning/middle/end (PDF)


chain of events (PDF)

chain of events (PDF)


sequence 6 parts (PDF)


six photos (PDF)

Sorting Graphic Organizers

venn diagram 2 parts (PDF)


venn diagram 3 parts (PDF)


sort into 2 groups (PDF)

sort into 3 groups (PDF)


sort into 4 groups (PDF)


Storytelling Graphic Organizers

about me (PDF)


describe a character (PDF)


character biography (PDF)

character info blank (PDF)


character traits (PDF)


characters, problem, solution

beginning/middle/end (PDF)


sequence 6 parts (PDF)


who what where when why how

hand - who what where when why how (PDF)


draw and write (PDF)


Miscellaneous Graphic Organizers

text connection (PDF)


word definition (PDF)



clue(s) and idea (PDF)


clues (2) and idea (PDF)


challenges/achievements (PDF)


about an animal (PDF)


family tree (PDF)

make a map (PDF)


map USA (PDF)


compare and contrast (PDF)



Primary Graphic Organizers 
Lots of Free Graphic Organizers for Primary Teachers.


Graphic Organizer Makers from  

The generators below will allow you to make graphic organizers by filling out a simple form. The materials are made instantly and can be printed directly from your computer. Your creations are exclusive to you. If you would like to keep your creations, save them when you make them. Currently, the following tools are available in this area:


Time Line Generators - This generator can be used to make time lines of up to 14 events of your choice.  SQ3R Chart Generator  - Using an SQ3R chart is very helpful when reading long reading passages. 
KWL Generator - Getting students to reflect on their learning is a difficult task. KWL's can help.
Venn Diagram Generator - Venn diagrams are a powerful way to graphically organize information.
Concept Web Generator  - Try to reinforce the who, what, when, where and how of a concept. This can help.  




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