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 General Information for Parents: Practicing Keyboarding at Home

All students should practice their keyboarding regularly. They may practice using their own keyboarding software, the  web sites listed below or the practice sheets that are available in our classroom as well as below. Students who do not have regular access to a computer should use the practice sheets with a stand alone keyboard (available from Mrs. Wargo.)

UltraKey Lesson Practice Sheets
These practice sheets directly align with the lessons and quizzes the students are doing at school. 

The first link opens as a web page which you can print directly or copy and paste into your own word processing program to format as you wish. 

The second link is a Word document, which is formatted and ready to print. If you do not have MS Word, you can download a free Word Viewer here. This free download will let you view, print and copy Word documents, even if you don't have Word installed.

Lesson 1  Lesson 1 as Word Document

Lesson 2(all capitals)    Lesson 2 as Word Document (all capitals)    

Lesson 2 (lowercase & capitals)   Lesson 2 as Word Document (lowercase & capitals) 

Lesson 3  Lesson 3 as Word Document

Lesson 4  Lesson 4 as Word Document

Lesson 5  Lesson 5 as Word Document

Lesson 6  Lesson 6 as Word Document

Lesson 7  Lesson 7 as Word Document

Lesson 8  Lesson 8 as Word Document

Lesson 9  Lesson 9 as Word Document


** = best for beginning students

Keyboard Jigsaw Puzzles

** 12 Piece Color Coded Keyboard Puzzle 12 piece color coded puzzle.exe
Choose Open to play. Right click on the puzzle piece to rotate it. Left click and drag to move the puzzle piece.


** 44 Piece Color Coded Keyboard Puzzle (very challenging) 44 piece color coded puzzle.exe
Choose Open to play. Right click on the puzzle piece to rotate it. Left click and drag to move the puzzle piece.




Other Keyboarding Sites of Interest



Keyboarding Tips for Students


Keyboarding Software Reviews  
Any keyboarding program will help your child as long as they use it regularly. Choose anything that motivates your child. Frequent short practice sessions are better than infrequent long sessions. Stress fluency and keyboarding with good posture and without looking at the keys. Speed will come after fluency and familiarity, after repeated practice.



** Learn the Keys 
Your job is to put a keyboard back together. You can click and drag letters to their correct places. Only the letters in the right spots will stay! Choose the keyboard design you like below and click on it to begin.


** Dance Mat Typing 
Dance Mat Typing is an introduction to touch typing for children aged 7 - 11 years. Each of the 4 levels are divided into 3 stages. The games use the Flash plug-in - if your computer doesn't have Flash, you can find information on how to download it below, or you can play the alternative interactive versions available at each stage. Worksheets are available for each stage that can be printed out and used offline with a typewriter or computer.   Flash Info




Peter's Online Typing Course 
A set of free online typing lessons and typing exercises beginning with the home keys.



Online lessons to learn the keys and games for building speed. Will give you scores for words-per-minute and errors-per-minute. 
Free Program that lets you exercise and learn Touch Typing. Practice online or download the program to do offline.
Builds slowly, two keys at a time. Also includes numeric keypad practice, games and a timed test to use when user has learned all of the finger positions, as well as the option to paste in your own text to practice typing.
Site description: For the most part, practicing will be with words having a meaning. But at first, to get used to touch-typing, we will practice the lessons with random text (up to Lesson 7). Use the lessons only for the beginning to gradually get used to touch-typing. Please understand that the real practice is with meaningful words and that you don't learn a lot from practicing random text.
To practice real words, copy a text from anywhere (sites, word processor, etc.) and paste your text inside the text box by clicking the right mouse button and selecting "paste".


** Games to Build Speed  that are Modifiable
Choose a difficulty level (speed) and choose the letters to practice before playing each of these games. Lesson 1 is homerow only so everyone can play these games.



** Keyboard Revolution 

Get your fingers ready for the groove and type your favorite dancing moves. Fun characters will show off your skills. Find your favorite dance tune to play along.


**Keyboard Triathlon 

3 Timed events test your knowledge of the keyboard. Are you up to the challenge?


** The Frogs are off Their Diet 

Type the words before the frogs eat the letters. Bonus points for bugs. 


** Save the Sailboat Race 

Falling letters are ruining the sailboat race. Type the words or groups of letters before they run into the boats. 


**Outerspace Fleet Commander 

Outerspace letter aliens are stopping your ships from flying through the galaxy. Type the words or group of letters before they run into your ships. Words with multipliers earn more points. 


** Desert Typing Racer 

Looking for adventure? Like the thrill of driving down the highway at supersonic speeds and jumping over cars in your way? Let's play!


** Trick or Type 

The Trick or Treat Ghosts want candy. Help them collect candy by typing the words or characters dropping from the sky. Try not to be too scared!


** Meteor Typing Blast 

Flying Meteors and UFOs are coming at your spaceship from every direction. Use your typing skills to blast them out of the universe!


** Spacebar Invaders 

Strange creatures are wiggling their way down from space. Stop them by typing. The more you type the faster they get. Bonus points for UFOs!


** Martian City Defender 

Flying laser beams are trying to destroy the Martian Colony. Defend the colony and save the little green aliens! Watch out for the letter drops in bonus rounds.



Advanced Speed Builders - You must know all the correct finger positions to play the following games.


Typer Shark -

This program will not teach you the keys, it will just let you practice your keyboarding to build speed. You must already know all of the finger positions. Zap sharks and piranha as you dive for sunken treasure! Improve your typing speed while having fun! 

There are 3 options. A free online version, a downloadable trial version or the full game which must be purchased but then can be played without being online. 


Cup Stacking Game Typing Game  

Helps build speed. You must know all the keys. Type the black letters shown on the stacking cups.


Krazy Keys 

Type the alphabet (in ABC order) in the fastest time possible. Ask a parent if you may submit your name (first name only or nickname) and score to see if you make it to the Hall of Fame. 


The Typing of the Ghosts 

The ghosts are coming! Type quickly to destroy them! Use both hands and all ten fingers
to practice your speed typing as your type words to destroy the ghosts in this Halloween typing game. You must know all of the keys. 

Type Type Revolution 
Practice speed with this game. You must know all the letters. Type the letters as they pass through the bar. Pick your song, adjust your difficulty level. 

Bubbles Typing Game 
Push your typing skills to their limits by playing this popular online typing game that works in any Java(TM) 1.1 compatible web browser. Your target is to burst the rising bubbles by pressing the character shown in them. The more bubbles you burst, the better score your score. Practice letters or numbers or both. Option to practice the number keypad.

Foggies Typing Game 
Pick a song and speed level. Type words as they appear. You must know all the keys.



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