It's computer time!!!

Mr. Aleman's Footprint Safari is coming soon! 

This simple game is looking for the perfect Makey Makey controller. 

It's that time of year to start playing the Dot Game! 

If you're up to download an app or two, check these out in the Google Play store.



These games are good for sharpening literacy skills.

letter sounds 

upper case alphabet

lower case alphabet

letter match

karate sight words

missing letter

b d p q

glue and spell

sight word phrases

upper/lower abc

tap and spell

cat sight words


1st 100 Fry words

These games are good for honing mathematical skills.

100 chart 

counting to 50

interactive 100

balloon counting

juggling patterns

apple sorting

polygon learning

shape monsters

< > = with Mr. Aleman

days of week

add and subtract

count Darla's parts

guess my num

turkey numbers

ordering numbers

ordering numbers game

sorting coins

place value

1:1 counting


adding to 20

double digit adding

+,-, or =?

ten frame

# comparison

ten frame to 40

equation checking


Just plain old fun with some learning mixed in.

Mrs. Lameiro's colors

the river problem

light it up

list randomizer

spot on six ball

These were on the Archives page because I created them while working in third grade.  Most of these games are mostly too difficult for most kindergarteners but you might know someone that will enjoy them.

adding fluency

subtraction fluency


paying with change

prefix and suffixes

measuring units

parts of speech

telling time

which way book game


name the notes

big multiplication

quick addition

> <


Computer skills practice.

Mrs. Lima's mazes

find the golf balls

button pushing

lost marbles

typing practice

alphabet typing

pangram checker

chord typing

typing practice

Play the second PCS student created game here:


Play the first PCS student created game here:



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